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Real Estate Development

It has been more than thirty years since C&D expanded business into real estate development in 1980s. Today, C&D has owned two well-known brands "C&D Real Estate" and "Lianfa Group" in this field. Both of them have gained the fist-class national qualification for real estate development as one of the Top 100 Real Estate Developers in China, with developed areas ranging from Xiamen to other over ten cities in China.

C&D Real Estate takes "To Build Diamond Life" as its brand idea and incorporates the physical features of diamonds, including exquisite carve, eternal firmness and inflation-proofing value with potential increase, into real estate development. It has been a professional real estate company, focusing on real estate development and supported by related industries like first-class land operation, sale agent, business management, property management, low-income home project construction and project agent construction.

Under the mission of "To Create High-quality Life" and after thirty years of exploration and development, Lianfa Group consistently stands on the height of future urban development to provide clients with happy experience of finer quality. Its business areas have covered 20 cities including Xiamen and it has become a large-scale real estate operator with real estate and property rent as its core business.

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