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Investment Business

As a large-scale industrial investment enterprise group in Fujian Province, in addition to the main businesses such as supply chain operation, real estate development, tourism & hotels and conference & exhibition, C&D Corporation has also invested and participated in a batch of well-known enterprises involved in various fields including airlines, electronics and finance such as Xiamen Airlines Co., Ltd., Xiamen Faratronic Co., Ltd. and Xiamen International Bank. According to the strategic development plan of C&D Corporation from 2016 to 2020, the headquarters of C&D Corporation will endeavor to explore and cultivate new main businesses while develop existing main businesses innovatively. The future major investment fields are medical treatment & health, cultural creativity, advanced manufacture and other emerging industries advocated and encouraged by Chinese government, as well as industrial fund and equity fund in conformity with the fields mentioned above. C&D Corporation has been actively arranging investment in medical treatment & health, ultural creativity and sports in recent years.

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