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Xiamen C&D Inc

Set up solely by C&D Corporation in 1998, Xiamen C&D Inc. is a modern service-oriented enterprise with supply chain operation and real estate development as its main businesses. On June 16, 1998, Xiamen C&D Inc. was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code: 600153) and 45.89% of its shares are held by C&D Corporation now. By the end of 2017, the total assets of C&D Inc. amount to 175.259 billion Yuan and its operation revenue in 2017 was over 218.602 billion Yuan. Xiamen C&D Inc. has obtained the honorary titles of "AAA Grade Credit Enterprise" and "Top 500 Listed Enterprises in China" (47th in 2017) for many successive years.

Supply Chain Operation

As a supply chain operator, Xiamen C&D Inc. offers services including program designing,trade settlement, third -party logistics, financial services and information services. By virtue of profession, scale, channel and capital, Xiamen C&D Inc. can provide its clients with professional supply chain solution and best supply chain services in certain business fields. 

Real Estate Development

Real estate development and property renting business are operated by C&D Real Estate Co., Ltd and Lianfa (Group) Co., Ltd. which are both held by C&D Inc. Currently, they have conducted real estate development business in nearly 30 domestic cities and formed nationwide strategic layout preliminarily.

By continually enhancing services and creating new value, C&D Inc. will make great efforts to develop to be China's leading supply chain operator with international competitiveness in this field and an excellent real estate operator in China's real estate industry. C&D Inc. will try its best to become one that staff love, shareholders trust, customers are satisfied with, society shows respect to.

Please refer to the website of Xiamen C&D Inc. for more detailed information:


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